Closing Rings

A large percentage of the Closing Rings we manufacture are made from Zinc Coated Carbon Steel, however we also regularly supply rings made from Stainless Steel.

We have the capability to roll rings from 75mm to over 1 meter in diameter, in metal from 0.4mm to 2.5mm thick. We also offer a wide range of different section profiles, and are happy to develop new shapes with our customers.

Some of our profiles can be seen here:

All rings as a matter of course have edge burrs removed during the rolling process. This greatly reduces the chance of operators injuring themselves when handling rings made by Drum Closures. Most of our rings also have the sheared ends radiussed, again this is to reduce the chance of injury to operators.
Our extensive range of fittings allows us to fit the optimum closure device to a ring for it's required performance and appearance.

We can offer Heavy and Light Duty - External Toggle Lever (with or without an integral metal latch to secure). Internal Toggle Lever, Nut & Bolt and Latch closure devices. For more information regarding closing rings please send us details of your requirements through this link: 

Heavy Duty Toggle
Internal Lever
Nut & Bolt

Click on any of the above images for a larger more detailed picture.